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Wether Cold Storage, Dry Storage or Cross Docking services, Vancouver Storage is the go to company in Vancouver, Canada. Our storage facilities are fully equiped to keep your goods safe.

Storage Services In Vancouver

Let’s provide you with exceptional, state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution solutions for all your logistical requirements! We offer affordable warehousing services in Vancouver.

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We help with
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& Distribution

Whether you are a big chain or a small family-owned business, Vancouver Storage can help with seasonal overflow of your product. Our team at Vancouver Storage has several years of experience in warehousing and distribution.

We are fully government approved for bonded, customs sufferance, and excise licensed storage of alcohol and general cargo. Alcohol beverages include beer, wine, spirits, and RTD. We service Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses. We use best-in-class technology, scan guns, bar coding systems, and software platforms.

Learn more about our Vancouver Storage’s warehousing, cross-docking, and distribution services.

Our wide range of transportation and distribution options allow us to get your products to your customers at affordable rates. For larger loads, we have 40’ to 53’ dry vans with heated & refrigerated options. For smaller loads, we have a 5 ton with curtain sides and 5 ton with power tailgate.

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Vancouver Storage provides

Cold storage

At Vancouver Storage, our precisely calibrated, modern , and clean freezer units will keep your goods at the perfect temperature and humidity. Our well arranged steel rack spaces set for both standard and unconventional pallet sizes to avoind pallet-on-pallet stacking or goods on the ground. Vancouver Storage’s trained warehouse staff use advanced inventory management technology to ensure only the goods you need are accurately picked for shipment.

Our equipment are mordern and specially built to provide flexible temperature control typically ranging between -30ºC to +5ºC (-22ºF to +41ºF). We offer a hands-on service with customized storage temperature and racking specific to your needs. We also offer 24/7 security, operations 7 days a week including off-hours, and comprehensive logistics services including palletization, cross-docking, and transloading.

Vancouver Storage provides

Storage & distribution of dangerous goods

At Vancouver Storage, we offer you different facilities for the storage of dangerous goods and chemical products. In addition, we complement this service with unloading, transshipment and handling services in Vancouver, BC.

Do you need a storage space for your dangerous goods?

Contact us, if you regularly work with hazardous raw materials or if any of your products are classified as dangerous goods and you’re interested in having a storage space outside your premises.

We help in transhipment and handling of the dangerous goods. Contact us for a quote today.

Vancouver Storage provides


Our Cross-Docking services in Vancouver will help you save cost. We’ll bring in your shipment and move them quickly into an outgoing truck or vessel. Maxium waiting period of 2 days.

Contact Vancouver Storage today to discuss about how we can offer your business the best in cross-docking solutions Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have to offer!

Why Vancouver Storage?

We offer best and affordable warehousing and disributions services in Vancouver


Adequate security with guards and monitoring system.

Indoor Loading

Indoor loading and unloading for trailers and containers.


We offer Cross-docking and transloading service


We offer loose-goods packing and palletization.


LTL consolidation and deconsolidation


Operations 7 days a week including off-hours

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