Storage Lockers in Vancouver

Storage lockers in Vancouver facilitate their clients with various benefits. Purchasing lockers are pretty standard. Everyone rents a storage locker according to their need. But the majority of the population rent storage lockers to de-clutter their things. Our company offers a wide range of storage units, heaters, vehicles, packing supplies, business, and drive-up storage.

Highly Configurable Storage Locker

Storage lockers New Westminster provides storage lockers that secure your assets. Skillful employees ensure the security of lockers via various means. Our company offers highly configurable lockers. Our lockers are quickly opened. Additionally, we secure the safety of our lockers via different authentication methods. For instance, our storage lockers have unique codes, facial card readers, mobile phones, and fingerprint facilities; on top of that, our professionals protect the client's information secrets.

24hour Availability

Vancouver Storage is one of the companies which facilitates their customers in each aspect. For example, our service is available 24 hours. Whenever you have time contact us. Our company is highly obliged to facilitate you. Our facilities are designed to sort out the issue and give them ease. We allow you 24/7 access. So that you can pick and drop your items whenever you want.

24-hour Surveillance to Protect Your Assets

Therefore, there are various security systems available to protect your belongings. But we have powerful surveillance features. We installed video and audio cameras in Storage lockers in Vancouver. It remains on 24/7. With this camera feature, we keep a record of clients. When and how many times they use their lookers.

Our storage lockers have integrated scales to monitor weight-regulated assets.

Digital Tracing with Advanced Software

Our company has a digital tracking system with feature-rich software. Very often when another user tries to open your lockers. Our system identifies the user and reports to the system. Another feature is the remote control system. Let’s assume you want to close your lockers. The advanced digital system can stop the functional activity of the storage lockers by pressing them from a long distance.

Get the Real-time Report of Your Locker

One of the best features of our locker system is to report locker detail every month. Our Storage lockers in Vancouver send the real-time report automatically to the customers. In addition, there is another significant feature of a feature-rich software system, which is it gives you access to see the complete detail of your system.

Civil Defense

You rarely need emergency help while you are using our storage unit. Because our storage lockers in New Westminster are highly protected. So rare chances of uncertainty are happing. Suppose something happens. We have an emergence measure to protect you from all hazards.

Versatile High-Security Storage Solution in Vancouver

  • Our storage lockers are safe and speedy
  • Provides the facility of charge-free usage of storage
  • Storage lockers track and control access
  • More efficient and fast.

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