Self Storage and Storage Rentals in Vancouver

Self Storage in Vancouver provides optimally secured spaces for your personal and business or commercial use. We are equipped with a wide range of storage rooms, warehouse spaces, and industrial units. We make all the efforts to meet your requirements and demands. Our services are fully equipped with brand- unique pieces that provide you with a reliable and safe environment for your belongings. Storage Rentals in Vancouver is also our service.

Safe, Flexible, and Affordable

We provide 24-hour video surveillance and on-site security personnel to assure the safety of your belongings. We offer flexible space services according to your needs. Just let us know what you require and we will build it for you. We build flood-free spaces that are built two meters above the street level of flood control. We also provide the double lock system that further restricts the access to your storage space to only registered owners and certain members of our team. We control access to your belongings with fingerprint authentications for the staff and users. We understand your concerns regarding parking so we provide spacious space for our clients.


While you are comparing storage unit prices, it is important to understand what services you are getting and which factors you value the most. Vancouver Storage provides the best storage services at the most effective prices.

Custom Create Buildings

If you want to store your belongings for a long period or if you are looking for a personal building for storage, then this service was made for you.

Our practiced staff builds sheds for your goods exactly according to your demand. This can be used not only to store your items before shifting to a new place but as a permanent storage house. You can use it to store your belongings for as long as you want and just as a part of your home or its extension.

Also, this can be the most affordable option because storage lockers in Vancouver are very costly if rented for a long time.

The perks of having a personal space are great, that's why self-storage in New Westminster, Vancouver, and surrounding cities is becoming a trend. When built by us, it just increases the aesthetics of your place.

Moreover, they are built in very beautiful and aesthetic designs. So, if you are planning to build it as a part of your home or near it, we recommend that you check our model designs and select one of those. You can tell about the changes or extra features that you want to be incorporated.

Rental buildings

If you do not want to indulge yourself in the task of building a shed for your belongings, rental storage units in Vancouver are the best option for you.

We have numberless locations to offer storage in Burnaby and Richmond. You can select according to your budget required area and location. The leverage that we give to our customers is that they can select the exact storage area that they want and they will have to pay just for the square meters that they are using.

The benefits of renting buildings with us include 

You will get a variety of places, types of buildings, and sizes to select

You can book the exact storage area that you need for your belongings

We provide climate-controlled or sealed buildings if you want extra protection 

We have affordable short term and long term booking packages for storage

We have security cameras installed in the buildings so you will be provided twenty-four-seven surveillance

Storage With Our Team

Storing your belongings with us will give you a home-like feeling. With a surety that nothing is being damaged and that everything is just as you placed it, you can just stay worry-free about your items. Whether it is North Vancouver self-storage or storage in Richmond, everything is just a call away.

Customizing your building with us can also get you the comforts of your life. From building a shed of your choice to adding all the aesthetics and features into it, you will find our team professional in conduct and skillful in work.


So, when with us, storage is not a problem. Without any second thought, just consult with our team to discuss the plan and get cost estimates. 

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