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Our team is constituted by specialist industrial movers in Vancouver who have been doing the work daily for years.
From the initial equipment moving strategy to final placement, every aspect of industrial moving is perfectly tuned for flawless execution and minimal disruption.
Industrial moving is much more than a residential move. It is not just about the furniture and files, but the equipment, machinery, lab tools, and instruments are the things that worry the industry owners. These things need not just special care but also special methods and strategies for Moving and packing industrial machinery in Vancouver.

The Challenges Of The Industrial Move

The challenge that industries face during an industrial move is smooth fluid access to inventory and equipment while reducing downtime. The professional moving companies in Vancouver, recognize that, due to the difficult nature of industrial moving, it requires a lot of collaboration, communication, and teamwork between various internal departments and, outside electricians, mechanics, riggers, plumbers, and engineers, etc.

Industrial moving requires different services from rotary shelves to five-ton presses. In the industrial environment, staff requires specific skills like rigging, disassembly, and reassembly of industrial products, packing of small parts, management of inventory, and significant physical resources like heavy-duty cranes, lifting, cart rolling, and flatbeds. As one of the best industrial movers in Vancouver, we have all the resources, including, Moving and packing, storage units in Vancouver to carry out these tasks in a professional manner and can handle the burden with ease. Our industrial moving services are unmatched in the area and are committed to allowing you to comfortably move the operations of your business.

Our Specialties

Providing you all the services from packaging, transporting, storing, and unpacking, our movers take care that no damage occurs during the process. Making efficient use of the time and the skills, we believe in completing the task within the minimum time. 

The industry areas where we’ve been providing our services include:

-big offices move

-highly furnished buildings (schools, colleges, etc.) move

-hospitals and clinics move

-labs and data centers move

-heavy equipment move

-furniture move

-furniture and equipment storage

Based upon the quick, affordable, and top-grade services, we are one of the best equipment movers and industrial furniture movers in Richmond and the surrounding city areas.

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