How to Make a Successful Commercial Move in Vancouver

Commercial moving in North Vancouver is not something to improvise, it is quite the opposite. You must be well prepared and organized so as not to have any problems. The cost of a commercial move varies depending on the size of your business. If your business size is large, the cost of the moving will also be significant. It is therefore an event that you should not take lightly. 

Here are 9 Essential Steps for a Commercial Move in North Vancouver

Once you are ready to move, here are some tips and steps you can take to keep your business moving smoothly:

1 - Find a date that's right for you

This step is not to be neglected. Consult your calendar and find a date that suits you. This would also allow all operations to be planned before the move. A date is not chosen at random. It is preferable to choose the time when your business is not busy. That is to say on weekends for example.

2 - Communicate with your employees

You need to inform yourself of these changes in advance so that your employees can prepare. Your employees are the first to be affected by this change. That's why it is important to communicate with your employees for your commercial move to be successful.

3 - Involve your teams

Distribute the tasks and then appoint managers for each task to facilitate the work. 

4 - Select your service providers

To avoid going in circles a few days before the move, you must contact moving professionals 3 months before the big day. Such as Vancouver Storage, you can receive a free moving quote free of charge and without obligation.

5 - Make a list of your machines

Now is a good time to sort through your furniture. Sort out everything you need and put aside anything unnecessary. You can also resell them. Or give them to your employees before you decide to throw them away. Ask your employees to get rid of all the items you no longer need. So as not to increase the weight during transport. 

6 - Archive then sort your files

Start early to finish in style. You must begin triage of your files two months before the move. It is best to throw away all the papers that will no longer be useful to you. This solution is effective so as not to manage more files on arrival. You can also contact an outside company to back up your company files before the big day.

7 - Make your boxes

Each employee must take care of the boxing of his own files. As each file is important you must therefore set up a labeling system to be able to distinguish your boxes. We have all the moving equipment to protect your furniture such as boxes of different sizes, boxes for suspension files, boxes for computers, etc.

8 - Transfer your contracts for the change of address

Once you know the address of your new premises. You must then notify your customers and providers of your new address and the date of the move. Then change the address of your business card as soon as you have received the final information. Transfer your telephone, internet, electricity, etc. contracts to your new address then register your new address with the chamber of commerce that you depend on.

9 - Moving day

On moving day, entrust one of your employees with the supervision of your move, he must be the main contact person for our moving teams.

Entrust us with your business move?

Behind a successful Commercial Moving in Vancouver. There are good organization and good preparation. For this, choose the right moving company as well as professionals like Vancouver Storage, we have all the equipment and experience for this type of move, whether it is a small or a large business move. Contact us now and get a free, non-binding quote.